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Baltic amber bracelet

This lovely bracelet has been made of Baltic amber beads. Regular, amber beads in butterscotch, white colour have been placed on a resistant rubber string which makes it an adjustable in size.

Elastic size!
Bracelet diameter: 6cm (2.36”)
Bracelet circumference: 18.82cm (7.41″)
Amber beads diameter: 0.6cm (0.23”)

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This piece of jewellery is a perfect gift for all occasions, whether Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or anniversary. Perfect gift for a loved one.

Beads are classified as: “Modified Baltic amber (Succinite)” – gemstone subject only to thermal or high-pressure treatment, which changed its physical properties, including the degree of transparency and colour.


Product may be a bit different from images because shape and size (+/- 10%) of stones may vary.

Amazing and charming artistic amber jewellery inspired by nature only here. Gemstones made individually – every amber has a unique structure, tone and texture. Our jewellery has elegant and organic shapes, colours and is complement with sterling silver, linen or natural leather.

We guarantee you that our product is exceptional and unique.

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