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Exclusive Baltic Amber Set

This jewellery set is made of flat Baltic amber stones in unique green and black colours. Precisely cut amber sones are placed on a resistant sting finished with a decorative Baltic amber, interlocking clasp. For the bracelet – the amber stones are assembled on two resistant rubber strings.

A highly polished, shiny texture of both materials is a unique addition to the simplicity of regular stones.
This lovely design was inspired by natural shapes and organic forms.

Materials: Baltic amber
Necklace length: 47cm (18.5”)
Necklace amber stone length: 1.4 (0.55”) – 2.5cm (0.98”)
Necklace amber stone width: 1.4 (0.55”) – 1.7cm (0.66”)

Bracelet length (elastic size): 17cm – 18 cm (6.7″ – 7″)
Bracelet amber stone height (approx.): 2cm (0.78″)
Bracelet amber stone width 1.3 cm (0.51″) in the longest and widest part of amber bead

You will receive this set nicely packed in an exclusive, dark-green, suede pouch.

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