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Handcrafted exclusive jewellery set.

Both amber necklace and bracelet are made of Baltic in organic black and green colours. The texture of amber beads is matt and raw.
In bracelet, amber beads are assembled on one rubber string separated by a sterling silver separator (.925). This stretch wristlet was inspired by natural shapes and organic forms. The size of the bracelet is universal due to the elastic nature of the rubber string.
In the necklace, amber stones are placed on a very resistant black string. The addition of one sterling silver (.925) gives the festive sparkle to this lovely necklace.
The shape and style of this set are very unique.


Diameter (approx): 7.5cm (2.95″)
Weight (approx): 22g
Amber beads diameter: 1.4 cm (0.55″)

Length: approx. 52 cm (20.5”)
Amber beads diameter: 1.4 cm (0.55″)

Also available separately!

This product is perfect for people who want to profit from natural beauty and harmony of Baltic amber. Unique, original composition lets you be close to nature. In each piece of amber, there is closed both wood resin and a touch of see. According to the physiotherapists, amber improves thyroid function and cures impaired nerves too.


Product may be a bit different from images because shape and size (+/- 10%) of stones may vary.

Amazing and charming artistic amber jewellery inspired by nature only here. Gemstones made individually – every amber has a unique structure, tone and texture. Our jewellery has elegant and organic shapes, colours and is complement with sterling silver, linen or natural leather.

We guarantee you that our product is exceptional and unique.

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