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Baltic amber and a red coral statement set

A fusion of natural beauty of amber and bohemian chic of red coral. Those statement bracelet and necklace are made of regular amber beads in black, yellow and white colours and natural red coral beads.

The eye-catchy, red coral beads are nicely incorporated into the amber set, creating a one-of-a-kind, outstanding piece of jewellery. A raw, matt texture of both materials is a unique addition to the simplicity of regular beads.

All beads are placed on a resistant, elastic rubber string what makes this bracelet adjustable and perfect for every wrist size.

Materials: Baltic amber, red coral
Necklace diameter of beads: 16mm (0.63”)
Necklace length: 52cm (20.47”)
Bracelet diameter of beads: 16mm (0.63”) or 12mm (0.47”)
Bracelet diameter: 6cm (2.36”)
Bracelet circumference: 18.85cm (7.42”)
Universal size

You will receive your set nicely packed in an exclusive green suede pouch.

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